Data as a Service

Cyder offers you access to permission-based, ethically sourced, and reliable first-party data that can be used for marketing, analytics, and consumer insights.

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Cyder provides powerful tools for:

Sample Use Cases

Hyper Personalized Landing Page: 

80% of customers are more likely to purchase from a company that personalizes the customer experience. Cyder provides digestible first-party data that can be used to personalize landing pages, web content, and product recommendations. This includes personalizing on the customer's first visit. 

Improved Customer Journey:

With third-party cookies being eliminated from most browsers, Cyder provides a solution to identify consumers with their permission and understand their consumer journey. This includes assessing what they have been browsing prior to and after interacting with your site. This information can be used to directly improve the journey.

Reaching and Retargeting: 

Users are downloading adblockers and opting out of communications, making it difficult to reach and retarget customers who are visiting your websites. Cyder's ad solution allows you to target customers who meet your segmentation criteria or retarget customers who have visited your website in the past.. 

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