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Cyder is the world's first data trust designed to balance data needs of companies with the privacy needs of customers

Understand your

Learn More Clients
Personalize your marketing
Cyder allows you to understand the demographics, interests, and behaviors of each of your customers - allowing you to personalize your marketing across all digital channels
Accelerate your growth
With specialized alerts and triggers, you can set automated upselling/cross-selling marketing communications whenever a customer shows a specific behavior across the web
Empower your customer
Cyder is on a mission to create an internet where customers own and get compensated for their data. Using Cyder shows your customers you care about privacy and data ownership.

How it works:

1. Send your customers a data request through Cyder


A communication is sent to your customers telling them to join the Cyder program to help them protect their privacy and receive compensation for the data they choose to share

2. Customers download Cyder and share their data


within minutes customers receive the data request, download Cyder on their browser, and accept to share data with your company.

3. Company receives data and customers are rewarded 


Valuable customer data is sent directly to the company based on the customer's permissions. Real-time data can be used by the companies while customers receive rewards through Cyder.

Sample Use Cases

Hyper Personalized Landing Page: 

80% of customers are more likely to purchase from a company that personalizes the customer experience. Cyder provides digestible first-party data that can be used to personalize landing pages, web content, and product recommendations. This includes personalizing the customer's first visit. 

Up-selling and Cross-selling through Automated Triggers:

To effectively target existing customers with an offer to cross or up-sell, companies choose to use Cyder's real-time customer triggers. These triggers provide the company with the information they need to send automated communication whenever a customer shows a particular interest or behavior. 

Identifying and Retargeting Customers: 

Users are downloading adblockers and opting out of communications, making it difficult to reach and retarget customers who are visiting your websites. Cyder's ad solution allows you to target customers who meet your segmentation criteria or retarget customers who have visited your website in the past.

Cyder is proudly featured or has taken part in:

Contact us to learn more about how ethically sourced data can change the way you interact with your customers. Email us at

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