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About Us

Cyder is a trust for your data. We protect the data you share, block third parties from accessing your information, and pay you tokens for using Cyder's ad platform. The best part is we make things simple and free.

What is Cyder?
Cyder helps you control your data & earn royalties.

When you use the internet, social media, or a mobile device, you are creating one of the world's most valuable assets. Data. Every day organizations harvest this data to make money.

At Cyder, we aim to challenge the status quo and return control and profits from your data and attention back to you.

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What we believe

At Cyder we believe:
1. you own your data, not big technology companies
2. you should be paid whenever your data is used
3. you shouldn't have to change how you browse the internet

We took these principles and built a data trust that provides our members control of and royalties for your attention.

Our business model is actually quite simple - we protect your privacy and block ads while you browse the web, and if you choose to, we pay you for seeing Cyder sponsored ads. Ads seamlessly blend into your browsing experience and do not invade your privacy.
Our goal is to make it easy for you to Control Your Data & Earn Royalties. Allow us to explain more below:

Cyder is a cross-platform data trust that provides members ownership of and royalties for their data.

Cross-Platform: Cyder works on your browser across various websites, search engines, and devices  

Data Trust: Cyder ingests, unifies, and protects your data from being stolen by third-parties

Ownership: Your data will only be used or collected with your permission - after all it is your data.

Royalties: You will be awarded tokens every time your data is used for advertising

Cyder provides you a reliable way to control your data and earn royalties.




Cyder works in the background of your existing browser so you don't have to change how you browse the internet. Simply download the extension and get started.

The platform protects your data from being stolen by deleting harmful trackers, and gives you control of your data through the robust data privacy settings.

We provide our members royalties generated through ethical data monetization. This includes paying you tokens for using the platform and interacting with non-intrusive advertising

Meet the Founders

Sukhman_Dulay_1083 (2).jpg

CTO, Co-Founder

CEO, Co-Founder

Will is a tech and data expert with a background in analytics and data management. He founded Cyder on the simple principle that users should be paid for their data. 

Sukhman has a background in activating corporate AI strategy and customer data. He founded Cyder to empower web 3.0 with ethical data monetization.

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