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Control your data & earn royalties

Cyder is the world’s first data trust designed for you to protect your privacy, control your data, and earn royalties.

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What is Cyder
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“Cyder challenges the status quo to return control and profits from your data back to you.”

We firmly believe in:

Cyder is protecting the members data
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Data belongs to you, not large technology companies.
We help you protect your privacy by blocking online trackers and third-party cookies while you browse. Our tools make it easy for you to change your privacy settings whenever you would like.
You should be paid whenever your data is used.
While tech giants have been taking advantage of your data, we work to redistribute royalties back to you. Cyder pays you tokens whenever your data is used with your permission. 
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There is no reason for you to change how you browse.
Cyder works on most websites, browsers, and platforms so you don't have to change the way you browse. We make it easy to protect your data, change your settings, and collect your tokens.


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Our Journey
We're using a lottery! 

To start the royalties process as early as possible, we will temporarily be using a lottery system where one lucky winner will receive a payout each month. The winner will be chosen at random and each token that you collect will be one entry into the lottery. No matter if you win or lose, you will retain all your tokens and they will be redeemable for rewards at a later stage. 
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Follow our Journey
Something Cool Is Coming!

We appreciate your patience while we prepare for our product launch. We want to make sure Cyder is safe and reliable for all of our users. Check back periodically for the latest update. Something cool is coming!

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Works with your favorite browser

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Product Development
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We are here

Build MVP

Product Launch

Product Planning
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Control your data and earn Royalties

How it Works: 

Cyder provides a quick and easy process to control your data and earn royalties. 

1. Join the waitlist above to receive an invite once you have been accepted to the platform

2. Download the extension and sign-up to authenticate your account and protect your online privacy

3. Accumulate tokens as you browse that can be used to enter our monthly lottery or later redeemed for rewards 
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Our Team
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