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Protect your privacy
& earn royalties

Cyder is a simple and free extension to secure your data, earn royalties, block ads, and improve your browser's speed



Ads Blocked


Trackers Blocked


Tokens Issued

We block online trackers, ads, and third-party cookies while you browse the web. Our tools make it easy for you to change your privacy settings whenever you would like.

Privacy Made Simple

Through our optional royalty program, we reward you with tokens for seeing non-intrusive ads that can be used to enter our monthly lottery & redeemable for rewards at a later stage.

Compensation and Rewards

Cyder is working with OCTO to bring data ownership to UC Berkeley. For every student who signs up, OCTO will receive a donation from Cyder. 

Partnership With OCTO

  • How do I collect rewards?
    You will receive rewards in form of Tokens. These tokens are awarded in random intervals while you browse the web. Think of tokens like a data dividend that you receive for using Cyder or like the interest you would receive from your bank. You can also choose to share data with companies that you trust in return for even more montly rewards. Data will only ever be shared with your permission and you can revoke access to your data at any point. Tokens are used to enter you into a monthly lottery and can be redeemed for hundreds of gift cards on the Cyder platform.
  • How do I redeem tokens?
    All tokens can be used to redeem gift cards from a selection of hundreds of consumer brands, including pre-paid VISA, Amazon, Starbucks, Best Buy, and many more. You will also automatically be entered into a monthly lottery that gives one lucky winner the chance to win a cash prize.
  • What data does Cyder collect?
    When you sign up, Cyder stores the following data : - Email - Postal Code This data is encrypted and we are unable to associate it with a username. When you have "Royalty Program" engaged, Cyder stores the following data : - URLs - Metadata - Time of site visit This data is encrypted under a random "hash" or ID and we are unable to associate it with a username or email account. For example we can say user 000001 visited on July 1st, 2021 @ 1:00pm. But we do not know the direct name or email associated with that user ID. This was done using an ID encryption on sign up that ensures full privacy for URL data. Cyder does not currently collect geographic, demographic or any other form of data. Cyder respects your privacy, and is focused on enabling data ownership.
  • What is Cyder working on next?
    In the near future you can expect Cyder to include additional free features such as a private search, VPN and password management. We are dedicated to protecting your privacy, and helping you benefit from the value of your data.
  • How does Cyder make money?
    Our goal is to allow users to control their data, and are thus super focused on ethical data monetization. This includes only sharing data with your permission, and only with the brands you trust (like your bank). These brands then use this data to personalize the services they offer you. Any revenue that is generated from these models are shared with you (our users) through the Cyder rewards program.
  • What features are currently available?
    Ad Blocker: Improve your browsing speed and experience with our Free Ad Blocker. No more invasive ads distracting you while you browse. Secure My Browser: Blocks third party cookies and send a "do not track request" to the websites you visit - making it simple to protect your privacy. Cyder Tokens Program: An optional rewards programs that provides you tokens while you browse the web. Tokens can be redeemable for rewards. Lottery Program: Entered in a chance to win a monthly lottery of $100! Many more on the way!
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