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Keeping up with the latest in Marketing and customer data can be hard. Lucky for you Cyder regularly posts thought leadership on the latest marketing, customer data, and AI trends. Learn more below.


Exploring the Future of Finance: AI in Banking

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the financial services sector. Financial institutions are adopting AI into their operations on a global scale, with 45% of financial institutions having integrated AI into their available technology stack. 


2024 Banking
CX Outlook

To improve retention, smaller institutions must craft personalized offers to build loyalty with investments in data. Leveraging real-time data and predictive analytics will be key to understanding customer needs.


Loyalty and Rewards programs are gaining popularity amongst brands looking to improve customer experience. According to Gartner, a third of brands without a loyalty program today will establish one by 2027.


Why Cyder?
Why Now?

McKinsey’s recent article, on the Future of Banks provides insight into a very likely scenario for Financial Institutions (FI’s) where they continue to evolve and become more than just providers of financial products.  

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What are Customer
Intent Signals

Intent Signals are used to inform marketers when individual customers are actively in the market for relevant products. Successful intent signals require tracking the entire end-to-end customer journey.

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Cyder Buying

Not all types of intent data are the same. Some vary depending on the products or services being offered. When choosing intent data for your financial service firm, there are 7 key considerations to keep in mind.

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