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As a fast pace and ambitious startup, we have a lot of exciting things happening all the time. You can learn more about our latest updates or reach out to us to speak about data privacy and data ownership. At Cyder we are on a mission to build an internet where you own and get compensated for your data. 

To improve retention, smaller institutions must craft personalized offers to build loyalty with investments in data. Leveraging real-time data and predictive analytics will be key to understanding customer needs and introducing relevant products at the right moments.


The fight for user’s right to privacy takes center stage this week as Cyder, a Toronto-based cybersecurity startup, gears up to be featured in an upcoming episode of CBC Dragons’ Den.

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After seeing the blatant disregard for user privacy, Cyder co-founders officially launch a product that makes privacy, data ownership, and compensation accessible to everyone online. 

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