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Cyder Sub-Processors Page

Last Modified: June 6, 2024

This Cyder Sub-Processors Page is incorporated into the DPA and Agreement. This page explains how Cyder engages with Sub-Processors.  

1. Infrastructure Sub-Processors
2. Feature Specific Sub-Processors
3. Updates to Sub-Processors

Please review each section for additional details.
1. Infrastructure Sub-Processors

To help Cyder deliver the Subscription Service, we engage Sub-Processors to support our infrastructure. By agreeing to the DPA , you agree all of these Sub-Processors may have access to Customer Data.


2. Feature Specific Sub-Processors

Some of our features and integrations require the use of additional Sub-Processors. Some Sub-Processors will apply to you as a default, and some Sub-Processors will apply to you only when you opt-in.  We will notify you before you turn on a feature or install an integration that requires support from an opt-in Sub-Processor were indicated in the table below.


3. Updates to this Page

Due to the nature of our global business and our ongoing efforts to delight our customers, our business needs and services providers may change from time to time. For example, we may deprecate a service provider to consolidate and minimize our use of service providers. Similarly, we may add a service provider if we believe that doing so will enhance our ability to deliver our Service.

You may subscribe to receive notifications by email if we update this page to add or replace any Sub-Processors, if any of our Sub-Processors materially change the services that they provide, or if they change the country from which they provide them. If you opt-in to receive such email, we will notify you at least 30 days prior to any such change.

For more information on Cyder’s privacy practices, please visit our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions regarding this page, please contact us at

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