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Cyder is creating a data ecosystem that balances the data needs of companies with the privacy needs of consumers 

What is Cyder?
Cyder is the world's first customer data vault.

When you use the internet, social media, or a mobile device, you are creating one of the world's most valuable assets. Data. Every day organizations harvest this data to make money.

At Cyder, we aim to balance the data needs of companies with the ownership demands of customers. 

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What we believe

At Cyder we believe:
1. users own their data, not big technology companies
2. users should be paid whenever their data is accessed
3. users shouldn't have to change how they browse the internet

We took these principles and built a data trust that provides users control of and royalties for their data.

Our business model is actually quite simple - think of Cyder like a bank for your data - we help users protect their privacy, let them choose when they wish to share data, and provide them rewards while they browse the web.

Our goal is to make it easy for users to Control Your Data & Earn Royalties. Allow us to explain more below:

Cyder data trust that provides members ownership of and royalties for their data.

Data Trust: Cyder ingests, unifies, and protects user  from being stolen by third-parties

Ownership: Cyder has powerful privacy features that protect the user's data while browsing the web

Royalties: Users will be awarded tokens for sharing their data with the organizations they trust. These can be used to redeem hundreds of potential gift cards.

Cyder balances the data needs of companies with the privacy needs of customers




Companies send data requests to their customers, prompting them to signup for Cyder. The data vault is designed to help customers protect their privacy and receive rewards for their data

Customers download Cyder as an extension to their browser, establish their default privacy settings, and choose what data they are willing to share with companies for rewards.

Cyder will enforce the user's data permissions while they browse, and provide them rewards for sharing data with the companies they trust.

Meet the Founders

Sukhman_Dulay_1083 (2).jpg

CTO, Co-Founder

CEO, Co-Founder

Will is a tech and data expert with a background in analytics and data management. He founded Cyder on the simple principle that users should be paid for their data. 

Sukhman has a background in activating corporate AI strategy and customer data. He founded Cyder to empower the web with ethical data monetization.

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