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Customer data is the key to unlocking growth

Accurate and reliable customer data allows organizations to improve the customer’s experience, increase the customer’s likelihood to purchase new products, and reduce fallout/churn throughout the customer journey.


of customers are more likely to purchase from a company that offers personalized experiences

of email marketing ROI comes from automation to send targeted and real-time email campaigns


Collect actionable customer data in real-time 

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Insights are industry specific and ready to action

Personalize Content Across Channels
Data provided through Cyder is at the unique individual level and allows for true 1-to-1 personalization

Automate Marketing in Real-Time
Triggers are shared with you in real-time and connected directly to your marketing systems for automation

Empower Consumer Privacy
Privacy preferences are strictly enforced and consumers are fairly compensated for data that is shared

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Triggers made
for your business

Fashion retailer
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Consumer Retail


Credit Unions

Consumer Banking

Loyalty Programs

Marketing Insight Agencies

Research Agencies


Cyder is a unique approach to understanding customers

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Signing Forms

No Surveys Required

Data is passively collected while customers browse, providing a seamless experience

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Individual Level Insights

Data is collected and provided on an individual level - not amalgamated and anonmyzed

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Data Ownership

Customers own their data and recieve compensation for the data they share 

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