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Claritas Data Account

Introducing the


Claritas is launching a simple and free browser extension to protect your privacy, control your data, and earn rewards, 

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“Claritas is challenging the status quo to return control and profits from your data to you.”


Ads Blocked


Trackers Blocked


 Rewards Issued

What is it?
Claritas is launching a new browser extension designed to help users protect their privacy and earn rewards while they browse and shop online and you've been invited try it!
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Protect your Privacy
We block online trackers and third-party cookies while you browse the web. Our tools make it easy for you to change your privacy settings whenever you would like.
With Claritas you can now:
Control your Data
With our AdBlock and user data dashboard, we make it simple for you to choose if, how, or when companies can access your information. Your data. Your rules.
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Earn Rewards
Through our optional royalty program, we reward you with tokens for while you browse the web that are redeemable for over 100 different gift card options.

How it Works: 

Claritas provides a quick and easy process to control your data and earn rewards. 

1. Download and pin the extension to your browser directly

2. Browse like normal with added security and earnings

3. Redeemed during gift cards when you earn enough points
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Works with your favorite browser

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The Claritas Data Account is a pilot program between Claritas and Cyder and is on a mission to provide a tool that helps users control their data and earn rewards

Data collection and utilization are compliant, secure, and privacy-safe. All data is collected with users' explicit consent and stored according to SOC2 compliance.

For questions or inquries please contact or feel free to read our learn more page here.

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