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Know Before Your Members Go

Leveraging Cyder’s real-time, intent-based customer triggers

With so many financial product offerings available to your members, it’s more vital than ever to instantly know when they are in the market. It’s no secret that LTV compounds with each additional product utilized by your members - just as it decreases witheach product they utilize from a competitor.

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Retain, Upsell, and Boost LTV

You’ve invested so much already in acquisition and retention. First mover advantage in reaching your active members puts you in the very best position to retain, upsell and ultimately boost member LTV.

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Real-time journey activation

Unlike other intent providers, Cyder’s permission-based solution eliminates the costly delays and false positives of other intent providers - and most importantly  does not share the valuable signals with competitors.

Collect actionable customer data in real-time 

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  1.   How Cyder works with custom scored alerts

  2.   Why members are interested in the permission-based solution,

  3.   Exactly how easy it is to start a no obligation pilot.

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