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  • How do I collect rewards?
    We believe your data has value and you deserve to earn your fair share. You will receive rewards in form of Cyder Rewards Points. These points are awarded in intervals while you browse the web. Think of points like a data dividend that you receive for using the Claritas Data Account or like the interest you would receive from your bank. With full ownership over your data you can decide to share with Claritas or trusted partners in order to monetize your data. You can also choose to share data with companies that you trust in return for even more monthly rewards. Data will only ever be shared with your permission and you can revoke access to your data at any time. Rewards points can be used to redeem gift cards through the Claritas Data Account. There are hundreds of different gift card options to choose from.
  • How do I redeem rewards?
    Your Data. Your Rewards! Its that simple. All rewards can be used to redeem gift cards from a selection of hundreds of consumer brands, including Amazon, Starbucks, Best Buy, and many more. To redeem your points you can open the Browser Plug-in/Extension and click "Redeem Rewards" or open your Clartias Data Account Dashboard and use the pannel on the left hand side.
  • How does the Claritas Data Account help protect my privacy.
    The extension offers powerful built in features that makes your browser more secure while you browse. The extension works in the background of your browser to block creepy trackers and ads so that you are safer while you browse online. This inludes features such as: Blocking Third-party cookies Sending a "do-not-track" request to the websites you visit Disabling Google's Ad Monitoring Auto opting out of annoying Cookie Popups Blocking ads (beta) These features make your browser faster while keeping you safe.
  • What data does the Claritas Data Account collect?
    We help you put your data to work, and give you rewards for sharing data with the organizations you trust. Thats why we try our best to collect the least amount of data required to help you get rewarded. To use the Browser Plug-In, you must set up an account with us. We will ask you to provide the following categories of personal information when you set up an account: Contact identifiers: Name, email address, zip code, and birthday When you set up your account and thereafter interact with the Browser Plug-In, we collect the following categories of personal information, remember you can opt out at anytime: Internet or electronic network activity information: including information about your browsing history and interactions, and information about your device Non-precise geolocation data: location derived from an IP address that indicates a city or postal code level. Inferences drawn: Data attributes drawn or created from the information identified above reflect your preferences, characteristics, behavior, attitudes, and abilities. For a more detailed understanding of the data being collected and our privacy policy please visit the Claritas Privacy Notice:
  • What are some features Claritas is working on next?
    We are creating new ways for you to protect your privacy, control your data, and earn rewards. We are currently developing new features to such as a free private search, VPN and password management. We are dedicated to protecting your privacy, and helping you benefit from the value of your data.
  • How does the Claritas Data Account make money?
    Our goal is to allow users to control their data, and are thus super focused on ethical data monetization. This includes only sharing data with your permission, and with the brands you trust. These brands then use this data to personalize the services they offer you and to power their marketing. Revenue that is generated from these models are shared with you (our users) through the Cyder Rewards program. This means you get more tailored experiences, while also getting rewards. A win-win situation!
  • What features are currently available?
    We believe your data is valuable and you should always be in control. That’s why we built an extension that has leading built-in privacy features and the ability to get rewards points for gift cards. By adding Claritas on your desktop/laptop browser, you can: 🔒 Secure Your Browser: Blocks third-party cookies and sends a "do not track request" to the websites you visit - making it simple to protect your privacy. 🎁 Earn Rewards: An optional rewards program that provides you points while you browse. Points are used to redeem hundreds of gift card options. ✋AdControl: Blocks annoying advertisements on your favourite websites, giving you a faster and more secure browsing experience. It is simple to use and works seamlessly on your existing browser. Safe to use on both your personal and work devices. Learn more at
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