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Customer Intent Signals
for Financial Institutions

Know what your customers want in real-time

Real-time Customer Intent Signals

With Cyder you know the exact moment a customer is looking for a financial product on any website, across the entire web.

The Opportunity

On average over 20% of your consumers are in the market for a financial product at any given time. 

That means 1/5th of your customers are actively looking for a product that your FI offers. You just need to trigger the right journey. 

The Problem

Despite spending $21.4 Billion on marketing technology, FIs cannot personalize their marketing due to a lack of data.

This is because of new data regulations, removal of third-party cookies, and aggregated data sets that cannot be used for personalization.

The Solution: Cyder.

Cyder’s Intent AI platform captures real-time customer intent based on their online behavior - across the entire web. 

This allows for true real-time automation and personalization for all of your marketing channels. 

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Cyder’s permission-based and custom-scored intent signals are redefining effective marketing for financial service firms. 

  1. Supports product-specific, custom-scored triggers

  2. Eliminates the costly delays and false positives of other intent providers

  3. Most importantly, do not share valuable signals with your competitors.

It's time to Rethink Customer Data

The data ecosystem is changing. Stay ahead with ethically sourced zero-party intent triggers.

Connects to your existing


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