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Next Generation Intent Signals for Financial Service Firms.


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The Opportunity:

On average 20% + of consumers are in the market for a financial product at any given time.

For the overwhelming majority of financial service consumers, search is the first step to assess their options.

After running a search, loan, and mortgage consumers spend an average of $28,435. Banking consumers spend an average of $3,432.

The Problem:

Roughly half (47)% of American internet users now use ad and tracker blockers.

Three-quarters of financial services marketers are concerned that new data privacy shifts make marketing efforts less effective.

The average cost for a financial services lead is $160 … and rising.

The Solution:

Cyder’s permission-based and custom-scored intent signals are redefining effective marketing for financial service firms. 

Unlike other legacy intent providers, Cyder’s solution:

  1. Supports product-specific, custom-scored triggers

  2. Eliminates the costly delays and false positives 

    of other intent providers

  3. Most importantly, do not share valuable signals with your competitors.

Connects to your existing


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