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How To Earn Tokens With Cyder

Instead of letting companies make money off your data without your consent, Cyder believes in data ownership. This means you have the right to own and get compensated for your data. Cyder lets you earn tokens for browsing the web, which then can be redeemed for gift cards. It’s our way of making sure you benefit from your data’s value.

Once you have enough tokens saved up, you have the option to exchange your tokens for gift cards. We have hundreds of gift cards available. So how do you earn more tokens? Here are five different ways:

Browse The Web

As you browse the web, Cyder will automatically award you tokens at random intervals. The more you browse with the extension active, the more tokens you will earn. Think of the tokens as dividends for your data. It’s your slice of the pie for protecting your data with Cyder. None of your browsing data is shared without your explicit permission. It’s encrypted and stored securely, ensuring your privacy is never compromised.

Share Data With Organizations You Trust (3000 Tokens/Month)

We partner with organizations like banks and market research companies that need reliable data. We're super focused on ethical data monetization, meaning that we only share data with your permission, and only with brands you trust. Opting to share your data with a brand that is partnered with Cyder (like Highlight) gets you 3000 tokens every month. Remember, you’re always in control. You can give and revoke access to your data at any time, and only data relevant to the brand is shared.

Refer A Friend To Cyder (5000 Tokens)

Know someone who would love Cyder? Refer them using your unique link. Once they install the extension, complete their profile and consistently use the extension, you’ll get 5000 tokens. That’s equal to 5 dollars. You can refer up to 3 people and earn a maximum of 15,000 tokens, which amounts to 15 dollars in redeemable gift cards.

Complete Our Tutorial (3000 Tokens)

When you first install Cyder, you can go through our quick tutorial to understand the ins and outs of the platform. This will introduce you to our data dashboard, which breaks down the different ways we protect your privacy and let you control your data. Completing the tutorial only takes a couple of minutes and nets you 3000 tokens.

Complete Your Profile (600 Tokens)

Completing your profile is quick and easy. All you have to do is answer a few short, basic questions to help us understand you better. In return, you’ll get 600 tokens, and rest assured, we do not share any of this information without your permission.

Redeem Your Tokens For Gift Cards

Once you’ve accumulated enough tokens, you can exchange them for gift cards. All you have to do is open the extension and press the “Redeem Tokens” button, which will bring you to the Cyder dashboard. Select the amount you want to redeem, and you’ll be redirected to a page containing hundreds of redeemable gift cards. Click on the gift card you want, confirm, and it will be emailed to you. Enjoy!

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