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Redeem Rewards
We believe members should be paid for the data they share; after all the data belongs to you. 

Gift Cards Coming Soon!

This December Cyder will be launching a beta version of our redemption process. Soon you will be able to convert the tokens you collected while browsing into gift cards through the Cyder extension.


This test is only available for a limited time, so keep an eye on your email to see when and how to redeem your tokens.

We're currently using a lottery! 
We are a startup and working on Redemption, we appreciate your patience as we get redemption running. You are one of our early adopters and we can not thank you enough. We have a special treat for the day we do launch Redemption

For now, we are running a lottery. One lucky winner will receive a payout each month

 October's winner was Joseph Y. who won $100

​How the Lottery Works: ​

  • Receive tokens while your browse the web in random intervals (think of this like a data dividend)

  • Each token = 1 automatic entry into the monthly lottery

  • One lucky winner chosen at random will receive a prize/payout

  • Didn't win? No worries - you still retain all your tokens, which will be redeemable for rewards at a later stage

  • This is an optional program that can be easily turned off (and back on) directly through the "Token Collection" option in the extension

Future Vision:
​In the near future we are working towards providing you more value for your data. This includes:
  • Tokens becoming redeemable for Gift Cards - each token will become exchangeable for gift cards
  • Continue collecting royalties - receive tokens when organizations gain permission to access your data
  • Continuing to strengthen ownership - own your data and receive access to a personalized privacy and royalties dashboard
In the meanwhile, make your voice count. You are meant to be the center of Cyder. If you have any thoughts or suggestions on what you'd want to see, we'd love to hear - send them directly to

Let's take back control!
Cyder Logo (Black).png
The Fine Print: Like all businesses we also need to add some fine print to protect our members and Cyder. So for this reason, we maintain the right to change our tokens allowance and redemption process at anytime. This will almost always be to the benefit of our members and to ensure the system is not being exploited, Cyder does have the right to change the value of each point and additional rules. Also our current redemption process is more of a sweepstakes than a "lottery" because you're not purchasing a lottery ticket. Oh and one more thing, we love our members and promise to always stand by you. Thanks again for becoming a member.

Control your data and earn royalties with Cyder.
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