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What is Cyder and How Does It Work?

With Cyder, you can protect your privacy, control your data, and get rewarded with gift cards for browsing the web. Your data is valuable, and companies are willing to pay you in order to provide better services. In fact, the data industry is currently worth over 200 billion dollars, and reliable data is in demand.

Our mission is to create an internet where you own and get compensated for your data. Think of us like a bank, but for your data. We store and protect your browsing data from being collected, keeping it away from prying eyes. You have the power to decide whether or not you want it to be shared. And, if you feel comfortable sharing your data with a brand you find trustworthy, you’ll get rewarded. You’re simply getting compensated for what’s rightfully yours.

But let's dig a bit deeper.

How Cyder Works

As mentioned, Cyder is like a bank for your data. Instead of storing and protecting your money, we store and protect your data! We believe in data ownership, which means you deserve to have full control over your data. How you use Cyder is up to you. You can use the extension solely for protecting your privacy, or you can choose to share your data with organizations you deem trustworthy in exchange for gift card rewards. You choose who gets your data and who doesn’t, and you can always revoke access later.

What Data Is Being Collected & Stored?

Upon signing up for Cyder, we store basic information like your email and postal code. The data is encrypted and it cannot be traced to your account.

When you engage with our rewards program, Cyder collects and protects your browsing data such as URLs visited, metadata, and time of the site visit. This data is then encrypted under something called a “hash” which is like a number ID that can’t be traced to any specific username or email account. For example, we may know that user 101010 visited at a specific date and time, but we cannot determine the actual identity of the account linked to that specific user ID. This way, you have full privacy over your browsing data.

Our priority is respecting your right to privacy and ensuring you have ownership over your data.

Sharing Data & Redeeming Gift Cards

Cyder is built on ethical data monetization. Companies need data and you have a right to privacy and ownership over your data, so we created a trustworthy solution that provides a win-win scenario for both: Cyder. You have full control over your data and get rewarded for choosing to share it while brands get data that is more reliable and accurate.

Brands only get data that is relevant to their business goals. For example, if you share your data with a brand that sells shoes, they’re only going to know that you’re interested in buying a pair of shoes and what type of shoes you’re looking for. That way, they can personalize their services and help you find what you’re looking for.

If you partake in our rewards program, Cyder rewards you with tokens while you browse the web. Once you accumulate enough tokens, you can redeem them for gift cards. If you want to know the different ways you can earn more tokens, read our post here.

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