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Our Brand

Cyder is the world’s first bank for consumer data. We are a white-label browser extension that balances businesses’ need for data with people’s right to privacy.

Our mission is to create an internet where users own and get compensated for their data.


Our logo is central to our brand identity.

We have three variations of our logo, each having a specific design usage.

Logo A

Cyder Logo.png

Use with blank and light backgrounds.

Logo B

Cyder Logo B.png

Use with saturated backgrounds.

Logo C

Cyder Logo C.png

Use with black or dark backgrounds.

Incorrect Logo Usage

Wrong Logo 1.png

Do not use Logo A on saturated backgrounds.

Do not use Logos B and C on light backgrounds

Resize Wrong.png

Do not alter logo dimensions.

Colour Palette.

Our brand colours are what makes Cyder’s visual identity distinct. Our primary colours are Cyder Teal and Light Grey.  

Cyder Teal


RGB: 124/191/182  

C 26%   M 0%   Y 4%   K 25%

Light Grey


RGB: 241/241/243 

C 1%   M 1%   Y 0%   K 5%

Accent Colours


RGB: 104/77/148
C 17%  M 28%  Y 0%  K 42% 

Light Green


RGB: 244/250/249 

C 2%   M 0%   Y 0%   K 2%

Forest Green


RGB: 56/119/108 

C 25%   M 0%   Y 4%   K 53%


RGB 0/0/0

C 0%   M 0%   Y 0%   K 100%


Circular STD (Black) is our primary font. 

We use it for large pieces of text, such

as headings and subheadings.


Our secondary font is Helvetica, which we use for paragraphs and long pieces of text.

Circular STD.png
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