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Cyder provides marketers real-time customer intent triggers so that you can personalize and automate your marketing.

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Personalize your marketing
Cyder enables you to understand the demographics, interests, and behaviors of each of your customers - allowing you to personalize your marketing across all digital channels
Accelerate your growth
With specialized alerts and triggers, you can set automated upselling/cross-selling marketing communications whenever a customer shows a specific behavior across the web
Empower your customer
Cyder is on a mission to create an internet where customers own and get compensated for their data. Using Cyder shows your customers you care about privacy and data ownership.

They talk about Cyder:

How it works:

1. Send your customers a data request through Cyder


A communication is sent to your customers telling them to join the white-label loyalty program.

2. Customers download Cyder and share their data


Within minutes customers, download Cyder on their browser, and share data

3. Company receives data and customers are rewarded 


Valuable customer data is sent directly to the company based on the customer's permissions. 

Built for both Companies and their Customers 



value Flow 2.png

6x More Insights on industry specific customer data 

Privacy Protection tools enabled while browsing the web

Real-time Customer Data optimized for automation

Data Compensation for the insights users choose to share

Privacy Compliance, making data marketing ready

Simple and Intuitive without the need to change browsing acivity

1. Early Mortgage Targeting:

A bank identifies a customer who is looking for a new home using Cyder’s real-time triggers. The bank reaches out to the customer to get them pre-approved for a mortgage before a competitor is able to reach them.

The results: 77% of email marketing ROI comes from automation to send targeted and triggered email campaigns 

Sample Use Cases

Connects to your existing


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