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Cyder to Appear On Dragons Den

TORONTO, ONTARIO (October 10, 2023) - The fight for user’s right to privacy takes center stage this week as Cyder, a Toronto-based cybersecurity startup, gears up to be featured in an upcoming episode of CBC Dragons’ Den. Founded by Will Christodoulou and Sukhman Dulay, Cyder is a browser extension that lets users take control of their data and get rewarded for browsing the web.  

Having pitched to hundreds of investors in the past, the two co-founders felt confident entering the den. However, nothing could prepare them for Robert Herjavic threatening to sue them. 


“It was simultaneously the most entertaining yet nerve-wracking pitch we’ve ever done,” says Will Christodoulou, Co-founder and CTO. 


Despite the initial shock of getting threatened with legal action in the episode preview, the co-founders report having an overwhelmingly positive experience. We’ll find out next week whether or not they secured an investment from one of the Dragons. 

The episode premieres on Thursday, October 12th at 8 PM (8:30 NT) on CBC.



Sukhman Dulay


MOB: 647 920 9384 



About Cyder:


Cyder is a startup based out of Toronto, Ontario, and San Francisco, California. Co-Founded by Sukhman Dulay and William Christodoulou, the company is on a mission to create an internet where users own and get compensated for their data. Since launching a waitlist in 2021, thousands of people have organically visited Cyder’s website to find ways to protect their data, and since launching the beta platform, it has helped users block hundreds of thousands of creepy trackers. Cyder is building web 3.0 technology that enables radical data security and seamless compensation whenever a user shares their data. You can learn more by visiting

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