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Cyder is Going on Dragons Den

Exciting news! Cyder will be featured on an upcoming episode of Dragons Den! Having the opportunity to pitch to the dragons was exhilarating, and we're excited for everyone to watch. Our episode airs on Thursday October 12th at 8PM (8:30 NT) on CBC, so be sure to tune in to find out if we secured a deal with the dragons.

Check out this preview of our pitch below:

What do you think? If you liked our pitch, you should definitely try downloading Cyder.

About Cyder

Cyder is a free browser extension that protects your privacy, lets you control your data, and rewards you for browsing the web.

Whenever we use the internet, we generate data, a highly valued asset for many companies. Why is it so valuable? Our data can determine much about us; companies use this to understand their customers for advertising and personalization. However, we have little control over how our data is used. Think about it: Do you know what data of yours is being collected on the web, or what companies have access to it? It's pretty unnerving, especially since, in the past, many companies have misused user data or haven't taken proper steps to keep our information safe.

That's where Cyder comes in. Think of us like a bank but for your data. We protect and store your data in a secure digital vault, let you choose whether or not you want to share your data, and reward you for choosing to share with a company you trust. After all, if your data is so valuable, then you should get compensated for it!

Our Story

Cyder was founded by Will Christodoulou and Sukhman Dulay. Having worked in fraud analytics and global security analytics, they saw first-hand how little control people had over their data. They created a solution that balances companies' need for data while ensuring people's right to privacy.

Since then, we've participated in many growth initiatives, like graduating from prestigious accelerators Berkeley Skydeck and Plug and Play. We're also part of the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst and have had the opportunity to showcase Cyder at conferences like Collision and TechCrunch Disrupt. Now, we’re appearing on national TV to see if Cyder has what it takes to land a deal on Dragons Den.

Our Mission

Cyder is on a mission to create an internet where people own and get compensated for their data. We believe in ethical data monetization, where users are fully informed and have control over how their data is being used.

At Cyder, we believe:

  1. Users should own their data, not corporations.

  2. Users should be compensated whenever their data is accessed.

  3. Protecting your privacy should be simple, and you shouldn’t have to change how you browse the web to achieve it.

If you want to start taking control of your data, download Cyder. It’s free and easy to use!

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