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Official Launch of Cyder: From Villains to Data Activists

Toronto, Ontario (July 28, 2022) - After seeing the blatant disregard for user privacy, Cyder co-founders officially launch a product that makes privacy, data ownership, and compensation accessible to everyone online. Bringing the promise of web 3.0 to your browser.

Having worked as data consultants, stealing, analyzing, and abusing user data, Sukhman Dulay and Will Christodoulou realized the value data contains. They are now on a mission to ensure data privacy and ownership are accessible to everyone through their new platform called Cyder. 


Since opening a waitlist, hundreds of people organically signed up to download Cyder. 


With its official launch on July 20th, 2022 the platform has already blocked hundreds of thousands of trackers and cookies for its early users. 


Cyder works in the background of your existing browser and has built-in privacy features which make it difficult for companies to track you without your permission while empowering you with the option to get compensated for any information you choose to share. Once installed you do not need to change the way they browse the internet.


The browser extension is officially available to download across North America and can be accessed through


Co-Founders Will Christodoulou and Sukhman Dulay have gone from tracking and abusing user data to now launching a platform aiming to protect your privacy.

Will and Sukhman both worked as data consultants where they helped companies understand their customers. This included analyzing consumer behavior, habits, and demographics. While in these roles they started to see the blatant disregard for consumer privacy to prioritize marketing and profits. 

This is why they came up with Cyder. Cyder is a browser extension that makes privacy, and data ownership simple, free, and accessible to everyone. Their mission is now to create an internet where users own and get compensated for their data. 

A new platform that makes it simple and free to protect your privacy, control your data and earn royalties.


People have come to recognize that data privacy is as important as the blinds on our windows or the doors in our bedrooms. Cyder was thus built on three foundational beliefs:

  1. users should own their data, not large technology companies

  2. users should be compensated for their data whenever it is shared

  3. data ownership and privacy should be free and easy to access for everyone

We took these principles and developed a browser extension based on web 3.0 technology that helps users protect their privacy, control their data, and earn royalties in a free and simple manner.

Since launching a Beta version of the extension, we have been able to block hundreds of thousands of creepy cookies/trackers and give 50,000 tokens as data compensation to our users. Users are able to cash these tokens in for rewards, but most chose to donate them to support refugees in Ukraine. The best part is, that they did this without having to change how they browse.

Bringing the promise of web 3.0 to everyone 

While web 3.0 is highly anticipated by tech enthusiasts, it often feels confusing and overwhelming to the average person. That is about to change with the introduction of Cyder. Cyder enables the data ownership and compensation promised by web 3.0 in a simple and free platform. The platform effectively upgrades your existing browser to web 3.0 without changing how you browse.  

Cyder works in the background of your existing browser and seamlessly provides the user control of their data. All data will be encrypted to ensure security/privacy and transactions will be recorded on a blockchain ledger for transparency and compliance purposes. Data cannot be accessed without the explicit permission of the user due to the integration of smart contracts. This means the user can rest assured their data is truly secure and protected. 

While developing this solution Cyder wanted to prioritize simplicity and useability. Therefore the extension was designed to not change existing user behavior but allow the user to browse knowing Cyder is helping secure their online browsing experience.


Sukhman Dulay - CEO at Cyder: 

“I couldn’t believe how little regard companies have for customer privacy, that’s why we needed to make Cyder as simple and easy to use as possible” 


“This is going to change the way people see and think about their data” 


“We are effectively turning your data into an asset that users control, not big technology companies. You wouldn’t let anyone steal your money, so don’t let them steal your data” 


Will Christodoulou - CTO at Cyder


“Cyder challenges the status quo to return control and profits from your data back to you” 


“It's your data and you deserve the right to choose what happens with it and be paid whenever it is used” 


“Web 3.0 seems scary, but the promise of data ownership and compensation is for everyone.



Sukhman Dulay


MOB: 647 920 9384 



About Cyder:


Cyder is a startup based out of Toronto, Ontario, and San Francisco, California. Co-Founded by Sukhman Dulay and William Christodoulou, the company is on a mission to create an internet where users own and get compensated for their data. Since launching a waitlist in 2021, thousands of people have organically visited Cyder’s website to find ways to protect their data, and since launching the beta platform, it has helped users block hundreds of thousands of creepy trackers. Cyder is building web 3.0 technology that enables radical data security and seamless compensation whenever a user shares their data. You can learn more by visiting

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